Social media content is pretty much anything you share on social media, ranging from your everyday text messages to your shared posts on the web. As a content creator however, it becomes pretty exhausting to come up with creative ideas to spark up your followers’ feed! It may not be that hard though and we are here to guide you through!

1. Go Live!

Going live is perhaps the best and easiest way to interact with your audience effortlessly. You can receive questions and give immediate responses to them on the go, nourishing the fan-creator bond you hold.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao from Unsplash

2. Arrange Giveaways and Shoutouts

The word ‘free’ rings in the minds of every single human being on this planet, making giveaways the best way of gathering attention.

Just arrange something to hand out, perhaps as the award, set up some solid terms and conditions and lastly, add something unique to your giveaway to make it stand out and you are good to go!

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3. Host and AMA (Ask Me Anything)

Tap into the never ending curiosity of your fans by initiating an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session. Use the question tags available to engage fruitfully with your fans.

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4. Regram, Retweet and Reshare

Sometimes, let your fans do the talking. Share and repost to promote the efforts of your followers and others in the industry, to illustrate that you are part of a huge chain, not just a solo parrot.

5. Use Bite-sized videos

Videos stand as the most interactive, highly viewed and thoroughly enjoyed method of getting your message across. The right use of editing features can make your bite-sized video highly shared!

Photo from Sendible

6. Try Out Partnerships

A special offer not only enthralls your fans, but the followers of the company in collaboration get to know you from a one to one perspective as well.

7. Strike at the Right Moment

Take advantage of spontaneous situations by creating content relevant to it. This leads to huge turnouts and promotions.

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8. Make Tutorials

Make ‘how to’ videos to show your expertise, and perhaps guide your followers about something they were previously unaware of.

Photo by SHVETS production from Pexels

9. Celebrate National Days

Not only does it make your followers feel your care, it also shows your personal interests to your followers.

10. Memes? Absolutely Yes!

Who doesn’t love a good meme? Participate in goofy meme making to show your sense of humor.

Photo from 1bpblogspot

11. Use Polls

We live in a society that prides on its differences. Find those differences amongst your followers by using say, a ‘This or That’ poll.

Photo from Goldgirlsdiary

12. Share Your Achievements

Everyone experiences occasions worth celebrating! Share such occasions with your following to show how human you are.

13. Celebrate Others Too!

Show others, perhaps people of your industry love as well.

14. Seeks Advice from Followers

Everyone loves to share what they know. Let your fans guide you by sharing their experiences.

Photo from ctfassets

15. Show your BTS

For your masterstroke, let your fans know what you do behind the scenes to make them feel part of your personal life as well.

Photo from backtoyoumarketing


Brands should not feel forced to interact with their followers. It’s a fun filled experience and should be enjoyed as such. Try out one of these ideas to bring back the love of content creation in your page!

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