A well-designed and well-kept website is key to driving traffic and engagement for your website. What appeals to audiences keeps changing over time; hence it is integral to keep up with these trends in order to cater to the needs of those people for the success of your site.

A website should be easy on the eyes, simple enough to navigate, and have everything within reach of a potential buyer/audience member. It should not be complicated in any shape or form. A website’s whole point is to make accessibility easier to whatever service is catered to through it.

How to know when to redesign your website:

1. Your site’s user experience is lacking: if your users are not satisfied or pleased with how they are able to engage with your website, i.e., visitor experience, you need to rethink the entire design. This potential remodeling can be based on feedback from your users or via a personal development team.

2. Your site is primarily just text-based: having too much to read on a website will prevent the readers from really engaging with your website, considering how reading a lot of text takes away from a visual experience. You are more likely to get more traffic if most of your website is graphic-based rather than text-heavy.

3. Users find it hard to navigate through the website/find it online: If your users are having trouble looking for certain information or having trouble navigating through the structure of your site, you’re going to have some unsatisfied audiences. Redesigning your website will cater to that.

4. Your website is not mobile-friendly: most people, in this time and age, are likely to use their mobile phones to look up websites and other URLs rather than taking out their web devices to do so. Having a website only optimized for the web will result in bad experiences for your mobile users. Thus people are less likely to come to your website again.

How long does it take to redesign a website?

The time it will take you to redesign your website depends on the extent or complexity of the revamping. It depends on what needs you want to meet in your redesign. It also depends on your designer, how long will they be willing to spend on the redesign, depending on your needs. On average, a good quality e-commerce website is said to take around 10-14 weeks, with no exact timeframe.

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How often should you redesign your website?

You should aim to change your website design every 2-3 years, keeping up with the times, trends, and aesthetics as well as the needs of your audience, making accessibility easier, and using user feedback to your advantage. The digital world is constantly being updated and changed; you don’t want to be left behind.

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