At What Point Should You Consider Redesigning Your Website?

A well-designed and well-kept website is key to driving traffic and engagement for your website. What appeals to audiences keeps changing over time; hence it is integral to keep up with these trends in order to cater to the needs of those people for the success of your site.

A website should be easy on the eyes, simple enough to navigate, and have everything within reach of a potential buyer/audience member. It should not be complicated in any shape or form. A website’s whole point is to make accessibility easier to whatever service is catered to through it.

How to know when to redesign your website:

1. Your site’s user experience is lacking: if your users are not satisfied or pleased with how they are able to engage with your website, i.e., visitor experience, you need to rethink the entire design. This potential remodeling can be based on feedback from your users or via a personal development team.

2. Your site is primarily just text-based: having too much to read on a website will prevent the readers from really engaging with your website, considering how reading a lot of text takes away from a visual experience. You are more likely to get more traffic if most of your website is graphic-based rather than text-heavy.

3. Users find it hard to navigate through the website/find it online: If your users are having trouble looking for certain information or having trouble navigating through the structure of your site, you’re going to have some unsatisfied audiences. Redesigning your website will cater to that.

4. Your website is not mobile-friendly: most people, in this time and age, are likely to use their mobile phones to look up websites and other URLs rather than taking out their web devices to do so. Having a website only optimized for the web will result in bad experiences for your mobile users. Thus people are less likely to come to your website again.

How long does it take to redesign a website?

The time it will take you to redesign your website depends on the extent or complexity of the revamping. It depends on what needs you want to meet in your redesign. It also depends on your designer, how long will they be willing to spend on the redesign, depending on your needs. On average, a good quality e-commerce website is said to take around 10-14 weeks, with no exact timeframe.

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How often should you redesign your website?

You should aim to change your website design every 2-3 years, keeping up with the times, trends, and aesthetics as well as the needs of your audience, making accessibility easier, and using user feedback to your advantage. The digital world is constantly being updated and changed; you don’t want to be left behind.

Time to give your website a new look? You are more welcome to contact our team to assist you.

The Future of Social Media: GIFs

You would see many people pronouncing it differently, but you would rarely find someone who doesn’t enjoy using these short animated file formats! In the previous decade, GIFs (graphics interchange format) have conquered the digital world.

Over the past few years, GIFs that were once considered immature, unprofessional, and solely meant for entertainment have now transitioned into the professional corporate world. They are necessary for social media marketing and are found across social media platforms namely Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google.

GIFs in Social Media

The social media giants, namely Twitter and Facebook, support GIF formats and are increasingly popular. Facebook even has a GIF search engine! GIFs play on continuous loops without any sound, and this particular feature makes them an instant hit for social media users who can effectively communicate using animations rather than videos.

Even memes in the GIF format are more popular and entertaining. Social media users can convert dialogues or scenes from their favorite shows into GIFs and use them to express their emotions freely. GIFs add color, motion, and excitement to otherwise mundane social media posts, making them the obvious choice for most social media users.

GIFs in Social Media Businesses

GIFs now play an important role in social media marketing for various brands and businesses that use them as an effective tool to convey their brand image. GIFs allow data to be presented in a more user-friendly and digestible format, improving viewership. Advertising using GIFs is an excellent way of grabbing the audience’s attention. A short looping video of a few seconds can be very impactful as it remains within the social media user’s attention span. While scrolling through hundreds of posts, a single colorful and animated GIF is enough to draw attention!

GIFs allow brands to show off their products using a perfect combination of emotion and content in just a few seconds. They are also easy to share and are particularly helpful in showing a company’s fun or entertaining side. Using GIFs may help a brand come across as trendy and on-point. The audience would remain engaged and develop a positive perception of the company.

Online GIF Platforms

Owing to the immense popularity of these short yet interesting animations, there are a lot of websites dedicated to GIFs only where one can find the perfect GIF for every occasion. Some popular ones include giphy, Tumblr GIF, GIFbin, etc. The best part is that GIFs can be used on almost all popular social media platforms. Whether it’s your personal account or a business account, you would not have to go through the hassle of converting your file into different formats for posting on different sites. One GIF can do it all!

GIFs are now not just a beloved source of entertainment but also an emerging tool for successful social media marketing, and the above tricks will allow you to use GIFs to their full potential!

15 Kick Ass Content Ideas You Should Definitely Look Into

Social media content is pretty much anything you share on social media, ranging from your everyday text messages to your shared posts on the web. As a content creator however, it becomes pretty exhausting to come up with creative ideas to spark up your followers’ feed! It may not be that hard though and we are here to guide you through!

1. Go Live!

Going live is perhaps the best and easiest way to interact with your audience effortlessly. You can receive questions and give immediate responses to them on the go, nourishing the fan-creator bond you hold.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao from Unsplash

2. Arrange Giveaways and Shoutouts

The word ‘free’ rings in the minds of every single human being on this planet, making giveaways the best way of gathering attention.

Just arrange something to hand out, perhaps as the award, set up some solid terms and conditions and lastly, add something unique to your giveaway to make it stand out and you are good to go!

Photo from Shanebarker

3. Host and AMA (Ask Me Anything)

Tap into the never ending curiosity of your fans by initiating an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session. Use the question tags available to engage fruitfully with your fans.

Photos from Tailwindapp

4. Regram, Retweet and Reshare

Sometimes, let your fans do the talking. Share and repost to promote the efforts of your followers and others in the industry, to illustrate that you are part of a huge chain, not just a solo parrot.

5. Use Bite-sized videos

Videos stand as the most interactive, highly viewed and thoroughly enjoyed method of getting your message across. The right use of editing features can make your bite-sized video highly shared!

Photo from Sendible

6. Try Out Partnerships

A special offer not only enthralls your fans, but the followers of the company in collaboration get to know you from a one to one perspective as well.

7. Strike at the Right Moment

Take advantage of spontaneous situations by creating content relevant to it. This leads to huge turnouts and promotions.

Photo from Teenvogue

8. Make Tutorials

Make ‘how to’ videos to show your expertise, and perhaps guide your followers about something they were previously unaware of.

Photo by SHVETS production from Pexels

9. Celebrate National Days

Not only does it make your followers feel your care, it also shows your personal interests to your followers.

10. Memes? Absolutely Yes!

Who doesn’t love a good meme? Participate in goofy meme making to show your sense of humor.

Photo from 1bpblogspot

11. Use Polls

We live in a society that prides on its differences. Find those differences amongst your followers by using say, a ‘This or That’ poll.

Photo from Goldgirlsdiary

12. Share Your Achievements

Everyone experiences occasions worth celebrating! Share such occasions with your following to show how human you are.

13. Celebrate Others Too!

Show others, perhaps people of your industry love as well.

14. Seeks Advice from Followers

Everyone loves to share what they know. Let your fans guide you by sharing their experiences.

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15. Show your BTS

For your masterstroke, let your fans know what you do behind the scenes to make them feel part of your personal life as well.

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Brands should not feel forced to interact with their followers. It’s a fun filled experience and should be enjoyed as such. Try out one of these ideas to bring back the love of content creation in your page!

5 Video Marketing Trends in 2022

As of recent years, there has been a massive rise in new marketing techniques, one of the most prominent ones on the rise, videos. Video content consumption has been on the rise for a while, but in 2020, it was found that almost 96% of consumers had increased their watch time, wanting businesses and brands to hop on the trend, moving past blogs and other forms of advertisement.

Trends in video marketing in 2022 have been quite the catch. Businesses aiming to better their brand, reach a wider audience, and impact consumers have consistently been spending much of their finances to market their brand.

Some of the best video marketing trends currently include:

1. Live Video

Content marketers all agree that live videography is one of the most useful and audience-generating tactics of the current time. Consumers prefer live content over uploaded content because it feels more realistic and personal.

It has been seen that people are three times more likely to consume live media than pre-recorded content.

Photo by George Milton from Pexels

2. Vlog Style Content

Storytelling has always been a huge part of creating an identity for your business. It helps consumers see a much more personal side of the company/products they invest their time and money into. It is also much more likely for them to trust such businesses.

Even though vlogging has existed for quite a time, it doesn’t seem to go out of style!

3. Interactive Video (IG Stories)

Engaging content is key to getting users to really stop and see the brand for what it is. The most common way this has been happening is via Instagram stories. Using the question bank, the multiple-choice option, and so on, brands are able to interact with the audience and get feedback as well as put their identity out there for people to notice.

This also helps the audience to know that the business they’re seeing cares about its customers.

Source: Pickupp

4. Search Optimization for Video Content

With the use of target keywords, categorizing your videos, having a good video description, and a well-made thumbnail, marketers have seen quite the impact of this strategy in finding the perfect audience to get businesses out there. No one wants to watch a video they can’t find in the top results of a search. This has quickly become one of the top priorities and strategies to get content out there.

5. Short Videos

If you have had the time to scour the internet, you will know the quick rise of content shown via short videos on multiple social platforms. It bases itself on the idea that people don’t want to spend hours or perhaps even minutes watching a singular thing.

It’s become quite the video trend to make quick short, sweet videos so the consumer doesn’t get bored, but can also know everything they need to know about a certain business or brand. From TikTok to Instagram and Facebook, short videos/reels have taken the online world by storm, so hop on the trend!

Photo by Hello I'm Nik on Unsplash
Photo by Amanda Vick on Unsplash


Over the years, marketers have seemed to be on quite the rising streak, stating the importance of videos in marketing strategy is key to most, if not all, businesses.

Trends in video marketing will keep adding on, and the internet world will keep evolving. Trends are popular for a reason, they work.

Videos aren’t only useful in creating promotional content; they’ve also proved useful in presenting the brand and creating advertisements, making tutorials for the products, creating teaser videos to gain a further audience and get them excited, introducing new products, showing reviews and credibility, and so much more!

Video is an excellent and, at this point, a necessary tool in promoting an identifiable brand or business. What are you waiting for?

5 Brilliant Branding Trends for 2022

Two months into 2022, we already have some brilliant branding trends that have given a new meaning to branding. Businesses keep getting creative by bringing fantastic branding to the market, which then becomes trends.

With the current technology, it takes minutes for something new to reach the world, which is why brands always work to stay caught up on the newest of things.

Let’s look at five brilliant branding trends for 2022;

1. Memes

It may have come to your notice that memes have become quite a branding trend for 2022. One of the most famous ones includes the Khaby Lame putting his two hands forward, pointing at something obvious.

Many brands have taken that and added their touch with Lame holding their products, or pointing at their service like it is the most obvious choice that customers should go for.

Source: KhabyShop

2. Simple

Another brilliant branding trend for 2022 includes keeping things simple. A lot of brands have switched to simple, and minimal packaging which has become a trend, and a successful one as it has captured the attention of customers if done correctly.

Simplicity makes it easier for the brands too, as it is cost-effective, and saves things from being complicated.

Source: thedieline
Source: Stack

3. Eco-Friendly

The climate is changing rapidly due to the pollution caused by the unhealthy practices of humans. The planet is dying at a much faster rate than it was as the world continues to contaminate the only place in the universe that has life on it.

Due to this reason, many brands have switched to eco-friendly methods, by avoiding the use of plastic as much as possible. For example, paper, and metal straws have become quite common as compared to plastic ones, shopping bags have been switched from plastic ones to paper, and cloth bags.

Source: Rooland
Source: Behance
Source: Behance

4. Official Hastag

A lot of brands have gotten into the habit of using hashtags. The branding trend of using hashtags is so smart because it makes it easier for marketing to reach the world.

For example, if there is a current affair debate going on, on social media or a famous celebrity has gotten married, a lot people catch up to the news using hashtags because it is quite simple to gather as much information as possible related to the particular topic.

Similarly, if a brand wants to gain more traffic, they can use official hashtags and apply them in as many places as possible to ensure that their branding is successful.

Source: taggbox

5. Nostalgic Branding

Another branding trend for 2022 includes nostalgic branding where brands bring back something from older times such as from the 80s or 90s or 2000s. Nostalgic branding is known to be memorable as many people have childhood memories attached to it.

When humans have old memories of something, it is easier to remember anything associated with it, even if it is in current times. For example, Pepsi has brought back older ads, campaigns, and other things to brand itself in the market.

Source: 9gag
Source: medium


The branding trends for 2022 have been inspired by many different things. Branding is often about experimenting to see what works, and what does not. In today’s world where the most unexpected things go viral which are also then used in branding by businesses, one must work to create something unique, something that resonates with people, something that may end up in branding trends.