As this neoteric era develops, the importance of graphic design is skyrocketing. It not only gives your brand an ‘identity’ but also empowers the brand to illustrate, persuade, and inform the audience about themselves by constructive use of colors, images, and form.

Of course, with added recognition, new trends come and go in the graphic design world, making it crucial to know about the latest trends to use the tool effectively.

This article will enlighten you about the latest industry trends to ensure your business excels. Be sure always to be welcoming to new ideas and concepts! Here are 13 graphic trends which will hit in 2023-2024!

1. Bring back the 90’s

The ’90s, though long gone, bring a massive impact when brought back. Perhaps the best examples are drama series such as “Stranger Things” and “I Am Not Okay With This”.

Projects that provide a sense of comfort and nostalgia will help revitalize old memories of many, increasing the interest of your audience and, ultimately, the productivity of your business as well.

Design by CreativeMarket

2. Try Lettering

As the world goes global, not everyone seeing your project will understand the words’ morphology. Instead, an easier yet more effective way is to use readable fonts, abstract shapes, and expressive styles to push the boundaries of lettering.

Although this is a hard trend to pull off, if done with sophistication, your business will be able to expand to incredible levels!

Design from GoMedia

3. Doodling is Art

Doodles are not meaningless art segments; they can be extremely personal and useful for expanding businesses. They add a bit of human touch to your designs, narrowing the wide gap between technology and humankind.

Your doodles could be used as animation, which persuades customers to invest in your work and provides you with more business ideas to work on. For instance, your animated doodle could be made into a mascot, later giving your business an identity.

By KendyLife

4. Go 3D

The use of 3D is recreating the world, and in using it, so are businesses. For example, the use of 3D typography is increasing day by day, as it is a stunning effect that compliments your work.

3D masterpieces that showcase real-life objects enthrall customers, enhancing the impact of visual projects and multiplying customer retention.

Illustration by Artur Tenczynski

5. Mute the Color

Using varied colors is good, but they might not give you the impact you want if they are too bright. Muted colors are in trend today because they are pleasing and soothing to the eyes, all while being colorful as well.

The chosen scheme of your project could be muted to make it the perfect color combo for your design. And with that confirmed, you can be sure that these color trends will last for many years.

Illustration by Gabrielle Widjaja

6. Diversity is the Key

As the internet is growing, designers have started to acknowledge the growing diversities of our world. Ideas, styles, and textures from around the globe are included in designs, stimulating a raw and welcoming side of art.

The use of rigid identities and ideas is long gone. By 2023, projects will get even more diverse to attract and retain customers.

Images from Unilever

7. Realism

Realism is a new trend taking over that contains real life objects in the designs to make it seem reliable and authentic. A combination of flat designs and real objects makes the perfect post for displaying new products. Although flat designs and real objects are on the opposite ends, the two provide an interesting combination that is designed to attract.

Although this is a very complex kind of art, if mastered, it can become one if the greatest strengths of a graphic designer.

Photo from Adobe

8. Hand-Drawn Illustrations

Hand-drawn illustrations are complicated because they cannot be copied. Hence, only your color scheme or the stock photo used can be imitated, and the rest is all yours. This personal touch makes this trend a must-try!

Although the trend sticks to handwritten illustrations and sketches, we predict that they will evolve into hand-drawn illustrations and mesmerizing art that will captivate millions.

Illustration by Marissa Voo

9. Shapes

Varied and abstract shapes are the new big thing. They are easy to use and consistent, too. Combining images with shapes has become popular and has often been used by companies like Rivet.

Shapes can be used with text and muted colors to provide easy-to-read visuals. Other shapes are highly useful in describing particular points about your brand, making it a great trend to follow.

Illustration by Asaad

10. Serif Fonts

In the 2000s, the use of Sans Serif fonts took over and overthrew serif fonts. However, the growing times have brought back the regime of serif fonts due to the sense of authority, culture, and tradition they stimulate.

As Serif fonts have a greater and richer history, many companies have switched to Serif fonts.

By Din Studio

11. Eclectic Shift

With the changing neoteric era, graphic designing is changing as well. Designers have begun personalizing their art, by use of doodles and brushstrokes, breaking the shackles of firm and outlined elements.

This transition is called an eclectic shift, helping the designer add in a lot of diversity and uniqueness to their designs.

Illustration by Cristian Malagon

12. Go Monochrome!

Many graphic designers have begun making projects and then converting them into wonderful monochrome images. This is usually done by applying a monochrome filter onto the image once it is completed.

This is a spinoff of the classic duotone trend that sprung in 2017, bringing back a popular trend to the industry, for many years to come.

Images from DesignPickle

13. Natural Patterns

According to a 2020 IBM report on consumer behavior, 57% of consumers are willing to change their purchasing habits to reduce environmental impact. The use of nature in designs is increasing as people come closer and closer to the importance of a clean and healthy environment.

Leaves, flowers, and trees in varied colors are being added to designs to gain support from nature lovers and capture customer attention. As the years go by, this will definitely increase as nature lovers continue promoting and praising nature-related designs.

Images from Insigniada


The graphic design world is constantly changing. With more and more trends coming to life and dying every day, it is crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest trends at all times. Sign up for the latest news on trends and inspirations that will help you make spectacular designs!

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