Two months into 2022, we already have some brilliant branding trends that have given a new meaning to branding. Businesses keep getting creative by bringing fantastic branding to the market, which then becomes trends.

With the current technology, it takes minutes for something new to reach the world, which is why brands always work to stay caught up on the newest of things.

Let’s look at five brilliant branding trends for 2022;

1. Memes

It may have come to your notice that memes have become quite a branding trend for 2022. One of the most famous ones includes the Khaby Lame putting his two hands forward, pointing at something obvious.

Many brands have taken that and added their touch with Lame holding their products, or pointing at their service like it is the most obvious choice that customers should go for.

Source: KhabyShop

2. Simple

Another brilliant branding trend for 2022 includes keeping things simple. A lot of brands have switched to simple, and minimal packaging which has become a trend, and a successful one as it has captured the attention of customers if done correctly.

Simplicity makes it easier for the brands too, as it is cost-effective, and saves things from being complicated.

Source: thedieline
Source: Stack

3. Eco-Friendly

The climate is changing rapidly due to the pollution caused by the unhealthy practices of humans. The planet is dying at a much faster rate than it was as the world continues to contaminate the only place in the universe that has life on it.

Due to this reason, many brands have switched to eco-friendly methods, by avoiding the use of plastic as much as possible. For example, paper, and metal straws have become quite common as compared to plastic ones, shopping bags have been switched from plastic ones to paper, and cloth bags.

Source: Rooland
Source: Behance
Source: Behance

4. Official Hastag

A lot of brands have gotten into the habit of using hashtags. The branding trend of using hashtags is so smart because it makes it easier for marketing to reach the world.

For example, if there is a current affair debate going on, on social media or a famous celebrity has gotten married, a lot people catch up to the news using hashtags because it is quite simple to gather as much information as possible related to the particular topic.

Similarly, if a brand wants to gain more traffic, they can use official hashtags and apply them in as many places as possible to ensure that their branding is successful.

Source: taggbox

5. Nostalgic Branding

Another branding trend for 2022 includes nostalgic branding where brands bring back something from older times such as from the 80s or 90s or 2000s. Nostalgic branding is known to be memorable as many people have childhood memories attached to it.

When humans have old memories of something, it is easier to remember anything associated with it, even if it is in current times. For example, Pepsi has brought back older ads, campaigns, and other things to brand itself in the market.

Source: 9gag
Source: medium


The branding trends for 2022 have been inspired by many different things. Branding is often about experimenting to see what works, and what does not. In today’s world where the most unexpected things go viral which are also then used in branding by businesses, one must work to create something unique, something that resonates with people, something that may end up in branding trends.

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